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For the coming Hari Raya break, i Capital will not be published for the issue dated 14 – 20 Jun, 2018. However, during this period, will be updated as usual and apart from the public holidays, our office operating hours will not be affected. Volume 29, number 39 of i Capital will hence be dated 21 – 27 Jun, 2018.

Since the history-making 14th general election (14 GE), Tan Teng Boo, the managing director of Capital Dynamics, has not been as jubilant as many Malaysians, due to the various reasons he has put forward in i Capital before and after the 14GE. It is not that Teng Boo is not patriotic and wants to be a contrarian. On the contrary, since launching the fiercely independent i Capital 30 years ago, he has written boldly and tirelessly on what ails Malaysia and has generously provided many constructive ideas on what the government should do in order for the country to have real development.

One month after the new government takes office, there seems to be some positive developments. However, it is very early days and a lot more fundamental reforms need to be carried out to steer Malaysia back to the right development path. The road ahead will not be easy due to Malaysia’s unique social structure, culture, traditions, as well as some entrenched practices and mindsets, not forgetting that millions did not vote for the current ruling coalition. The united front of multi-racial Malaysians who voted down the old government must ensure that the new government does not repeat the policy mistakes of the past governments. When Malaysia achieves real development, all Malaysians will be jubilant, Tan Teng Boo included.
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