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Capital Dynamics Sdn Bhd is a small independent research house, licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia as an Investment Advisor. It has the responsibility to provide sound investment advice based on thorough research. The licence also requires it to ensure that the advice given is free from conflicts of interest or any hidden agenda and the research process is based on a set of best practices.

i Capital has always prided itself for providing sound, objective and independent advice. In fact, i Capital intentionally does not accept any form of advertisement to prevent the possible conflicts of interest. Notably, this independent position is highly valued by the subscribers of i Capital who have supported us for nearly 3 decades, even though our calls are not 100% accurate and for the most part of its history, i Capital is printed in plain black and white.

This week’s write-up on the Hong Kong stock market is a typical example of the truth-finding research by i Capital. Apart from fake news, the world is full of biased and untruthful information, including those coming from established organisations in the developed nations. i Capital has and will always provide its subscribers with intelligent and independent research and analyses conducted with integrity.
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