Note from Publisher
The minimum subscription period for i Capital and is one year. There is no 3-month or six-month subscription. i Capital is not sold at the newsstand or bookshop. All these are done to encourage a long-term mind set, which is in line with our business and investment philosophy. In addition, each weekly issue of i Capital is not a “stand alone” publication, it has connection with the past issues and the different parts/sections of the same issue are connected.

First, the investment analysis and opinions are often developed from data and ideas shared in the past issues of i Capital, often as long as 5, 10, or even 20 years ago. Subscribers can better appreciate the write-ups if they have been following the past analysis in i Capital closely. Secondly, i Capital follows up on the investment recommendations that it makes each week. Each time after a stock selection has been featured in Section B, its development is monitored in Section E.1 under Announcements and Ratings. i Capital may change its stock selection ratings from time to time depending on their corporate and industry developments as well as the broader political economic conditions. Subscribers should read Section E.1. to obtain the latest updates on the stock selections.

i Capital is accountable for the investment opinion given but subscribers have to make their own decisions and judgements. It is totally transparent. All the past issues of i Capital are stored under the Archives tab in for all subscribers to read.
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