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When a small group of Muslim extremists carried out terrorist attacks around the world, they received worldwide coverage at great length and depth. Although the extensive media coverage help to expose the atrocities of the terrorists and enhance the general awareness against such threats, it could also glorify the terrorists and attract new members to join them. Such is the power of the media, which unequivocally carries great social responsibility.

Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population, with over 200 mln. Last week, Indonesia contributed greatly to world peace by inviting Buddhists around the world to celebrate Vesak Day at the ancient Borobudur temple. During the celebration, Indonesian Muslims were seen lighting and releasing sky lanterns into the sky with Buddhists from around the world. It was a beautiful scene of acceptance, tolerance and happiness.

Unfortunately, this harmonious and welcomed scene did not receive any wide coverage by the global mass media. The Indonesian government should receive the highest praise and recognition for organising such a praiseworthy event in a world that is increasingly being torn apart by unnecessary racial and religious animosity. Instead of responding with force or threatening and defiant words against the terrorists, the brave and wise action of the Indonesian government would have sent an even more powerful message to the terrorists and extremists if the world media, especially the powerful Western media, has rallied around this celebration.

Tit for tat and the use of force is not necessarily the only or the best way to counter terrorism. A powerful display of tolerance and unity could be more effective, especially if more of such events are carried out and well publicised. Donald Trump and Malaysia’s political leaders should have been invited.
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