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The Productivity Report 2015/16 was launched last week. However, the Report received little attention from Malaysians of all levels despite the fact that under the Eleventh Malaysia Plan (11MP) (2016-2020),
productivity growth was designed as a game changer for future economic growth. During the 10MP, 65% of Malaysia’s 5.2% GDP growth was contributed by employment, with productivity contributing the balance 35%. The 1.8% productivity growth in 2011-2015 was slower than the 2.7% increase registered in the previous 5 years. One of the key factors causing the weak performance in productivity growth was the poor showing of total factor productivity (TFP) which grew by a mere 1.1%.

Since the 1990s, i Capital has written extensively about the importance of TFP and Malaysia’s lack of concerns on this crucial subject. Economic growth that is not supported by consistent improvement in TFP growth is not sustainable. Malaysia’s policymakers are aware of this fact and what needs to be done to raise Malaysia’s TFP level. However, the lack of political will and follow through policies have caused the TFP issue to remain submerged, even at the academic level. Unfortunately, so far there is no sign that such a complacent attitude has changed.

i Capital will not be published for the issue dated 7 Jul – 13 Jul, 2016. However, during this period, our investment portal,, will be updated as usual and apart from the public holidays, our office’s operating hours will not be affected. Volume 27, number 42 of i Capital will hence be dated 14 Jul – 20 Jul, 2016.
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