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The 2016 Investor Day of Bhd is now open to all for registration. It does not matter whether you are a share owner of Bhd, a subscriber of i Capital, an experienced investor or a beginner, a Malaysian or not, all are welcome ! Unlike in the past years when there is an option to register on site, this year, this option will not be available once the capacity of the halls is reached before the event day. Hence, if you have not registered, please go to to register as soon as possible to avoid missing the most anticipated investment event of the year! This year, there is a small charge of RM68 (including GST) to help improve event logistics.

In this one-and-a-half day event, we will cover investment and non-investment related topics. On 24 Sep (Day 1), Tan Teng Boo will share his insights on “Break Away” and letting one’s heart do the thinking. It is not about being emotional but how one uses one’s heart and mind as one. Do you feel trap ? Do you think you need to start afresh ? Then, Day 1 is for you. Come and get inspired on how to break away and let your heart do the thinking.

On 25 Sep (Day 2), there will be 3 tracks of investment-related talks from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm to meet the various needs of investors. Notably, Tan Teng Boo will do a special presentation on the history of value investing, shedding fresh light to this all important investment approach. Then, there is a talk on value investing in a zero interest rate world. A unique Panel Discussion on Malaysia’s economy will be held. Understanding China’s banking structure, how to read annual reports, how to interpret economic data, and how to use technical analysis are presented. Talks on investing in IPO and China’s stock markets and updates from selected listed companies that Bhd has invested in all make Day 2 another must attend day.
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